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Vilamoura Long distance Triathlon ( 1/2 Ironman )

My last event with Louletano Triathlon, next year I will be joining BIke Club São Brás de Alportel.

5.26 result for this event which saw calm seas - 1.9 km, 1000 m climb in bike section 97 km, and flat run course 21 kms. My second event on TT bike, which is still somewhat an uncomfortable experience and doing 180 kms on it for a full ironman is going to take some getting used to…...

Great organisation by Nuno Neves and Loule Council. which made for an enjoyable event.

Perfect weather, warm water and little wind. See the following link for details.


Peter  -  Brazmaq Vilamoura Triathlon
Vilamoura Triathlon start 2015
Calm seas for Vilamoura Triathlon 2015 brazmaq
Peter www.brazmaq.com out of the water
Peter www.brazmaq.com - finish line at Vilamoura Triathlon 2015


Tavira 1/2 Marathon - Liberty Seguros 2015

Peter Chester-Browne Tavira 1/2 marathon 2015

4:06 pace for the undulating course was the result on the day - not bad just one week after X Milhas race

Good organisation from Tavira crew - nice to see lots of familiar faces having lived in Tavira for many years. Definately one to put in your calendar for next year.

X Milhas 2015

Result - 4:04 pace for this scenic race from Vila Real de Santo Antonio to Ayamonte in Spain

Some 800 altheles out in force for this popular run.

Had a great time with my team ACS de São Brás de Alportel - well done all - some good results today. 


Fast downhill in Castro Marim

ACS de Sao Bras de Alportel - Almoço em Espanha - brazmaq

Mixed Grill was the order of the day



Caiscais Triathlon 1.9 - 90 - 21 kms

Caiscais race report - Swim 35 Bike 2:47 Run 1.39 - Total 5 hrs & 4 mins

Well this was my first long triathlon and I was not sure quiet what to expect other than that the swim section was my main concern, having only forced myself to learn crawl in the last year or so.
Arrived Saturday to a very well organized race. Bikes had to be in on Saturday ready for Sunday morning start a 08.00 am.
The 1.9 km swim section was held in the bay, so calm flat water that allowed me to complete the 1.9 km in 34 minutes…at which stage I was so pleased with myself I could have just sat on the beach and enjoyed overcoming what was a major hurdle when I started out on this adventure.
Once out of this adrenaline fueled daydream, onto the bike, my new Stevens Crono, which is going to need a lot more time spent in the saddle to adapt to the aggressive aero position. 90 kms split into 4 laps in which the last 2 the wind picked up considerably rising the effort required to maintain a pace. Sore neck and shoulders by the time I finished the 90 kilometers and was quiet happy to get off the bike.
Run 21 kms - 4 laps of Caiscais beach front and around the old fort walls & marina. My form started to suffer on the last lap, but all in all a good run.

I had decided to do this race without looking at my speed or pace throughout the event and just go with what felt reasonably comfortable, to give me a base time to work on in the future that I know I can improve on.
Its the Vilamoura Triathlon at the end of November so this opportunity is not far off.
So now its time to study the results and work on fine tuning my training and setting paces to follow for this event.

To the lady who asked her husband on lap 3 of the run section 
" Are you o.k " - let me reply for him - no he is not o.k he is 4:30 +/- hrs into a triathlon…….

Great support from my family and Louletano team mates and their families. Thank you.
Congratulations to all my friends who also took part, some also on their first long triathlon.

Link to my watches recording of the race



Tri-Spot & Ironconde Weekend Training camp

A weekend spent in Vila Real de Santo Antonio on the Portuguese / Spanish border

I really had a good time here and made lots of new friends.

Great organization and 2 solid days of training with invaluable coaching from Paulo Conde, David Caldeirão & Ana Dias.

Well done Tri-Spot Training. 

Especially enjoyed the 90 km ride across the Guardiana bridge into Spain on one of the smoothest, fastest roads I have been on.

Ultra Trilhos Rocha de Pena 60 km Trail Run

Brazmaq @ UTRP 60km trail run 2015

This was a tough one, which went well for me - it was a hot August day and the 63 mms took just over 9 hrs to complete with 2500 climb + 2500 mts descent. An experience to remember !

Sunday Free Trail Run - Mata de Santa Rita - Tavira

Gentle training run with picnic lunch to follow


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Estoi 3 hr Urban BTT - most laps wins

I was part of the group Marshalling the course of this event - a very warm evening in estoi near Faro.

DSC 0032.JPG
DSC 0091.JPG
DSC 0922.JPG
DSC 0928.JPG


Escalada do Mendo 2015 - Vidigueira

This is a run up the hill and back down again race of 11 km on and off road in the wine growing area of the lower Alentejo. Today I was running for my Club ACS de São Brás de Alportel with 4 other team mates.

Another 06:30 start to a Sunday as we left the Algarve and made our way to the village of Vidigueira, Rui Costa a successful sprinter was our driver and team mate today.

Cash prizes and good ones at that brought out some top athletes to the race.  49:30 was my time for the race about 14 th in my class.

DSC 0004.JPG

Rui Costa

Good organisation througout the day

Very good lunch in the swimming pool and garden area

DSC 0183.JPG
DSC 0155.JPG

DSC 0133.JPG


Next event - Escalada de Mendro

Trail run that takes place in Vidigueira near Beja in the Alentejo, I will be running with my team ACS de São Brás de Alportel.

This is a run with prize money to be won, an 11 km race to the top of Mendro and back.

This Sunday…. Watch this space