Caiscais Triathlon 1.9 - 90 - 21 kms

Caiscais race report - Swim 35 Bike 2:47 Run 1.39 - Total 5 hrs & 4 mins

Well this was my first long triathlon and I was not sure quiet what to expect other than that the swim section was my main concern, having only forced myself to learn crawl in the last year or so.
Arrived Saturday to a very well organized race. Bikes had to be in on Saturday ready for Sunday morning start a 08.00 am.
The 1.9 km swim section was held in the bay, so calm flat water that allowed me to complete the 1.9 km in 34 minutes…at which stage I was so pleased with myself I could have just sat on the beach and enjoyed overcoming what was a major hurdle when I started out on this adventure.
Once out of this adrenaline fueled daydream, onto the bike, my new Stevens Crono, which is going to need a lot more time spent in the saddle to adapt to the aggressive aero position. 90 kms split into 4 laps in which the last 2 the wind picked up considerably rising the effort required to maintain a pace. Sore neck and shoulders by the time I finished the 90 kilometers and was quiet happy to get off the bike.
Run 21 kms - 4 laps of Caiscais beach front and around the old fort walls & marina. My form started to suffer on the last lap, but all in all a good run.

I had decided to do this race without looking at my speed or pace throughout the event and just go with what felt reasonably comfortable, to give me a base time to work on in the future that I know I can improve on.
Its the Vilamoura Triathlon at the end of November so this opportunity is not far off.
So now its time to study the results and work on fine tuning my training and setting paces to follow for this event.

To the lady who asked her husband on lap 3 of the run section 
" Are you o.k " - let me reply for him - no he is not o.k he is 4:30 +/- hrs into a triathlon…….

Great support from my family and Louletano team mates and their families. Thank you.
Congratulations to all my friends who also took part, some also on their first long triathlon.

Link to my watches recording of the race

Brazmaq training @ Caiscais 1/2 Ironman distance - Peter Chester-Browne