Brazmaq Engineering 

Welding - Mig, Tig & Stick  - Cutting - Plasma  - Gouging - Carbon arc

Milling - Turning - Drilling - Boring - Fabrications

All jobs considered, we have big machines, capable of machining large parts.

Ornate ironwork fabriaction such as gates, grills, panels & garden furniture ....


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Boring machine - an excavator part on dividing head being drilled prior to boring.                                                                                      

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Turning a DN800 flange on our vertical lathe

New for 2016

Ornate ironwork fabrication such as gates, grills , garden furniture and anything special you would like to have made for your home or business here in the Algarve.

Ornate gates, grills and garden furniture made at our workshop here in the Algarve -


Russell has a passion for creating ironwork with the addition of stainless steel decorative inserts & uses the lastest lazer and water cutting machines to make panels with special designs, logos & pictures, for example ,to make your gates follow a logo, family crest or design.


Ornate iron work - special one of fabrications built to your design or idea